Mother Tinctures

Mother tinctures are the base potency of homeopathic medicines. A quality mother tincture needs in its manufacturing, meticulous SOP’s for various testing processes to fulfill the primary consideration of purity. Non- contaminated Imported and Indian herbs are identified by means of TLC, physical & chemical testing to ensure adequate active constituent which are checked for their Pharmacopeial requirements. The moisture content of the herbs is determined by electronic infrared moisture analyzer. To determine qualitative and quantitative measures of content (alkaloids, glycosides and extracts) classical volumetric, photometric (UV spectrophotometer) methods are used with authentic reference material. The fully tested raw materials are brought to production area for percolation and maceration and prepared with the reference of HPI (Domestic), EHP/ HPUS (International). Its preparation may take about 3 weeks. Hydraulic presses are used for optimal extraction. The Prepared mother tincture is then kept for ageing to obtain maximum benefits. The finished product then goes to laboratory for final analysis before being released in the market.

All Mother tincture & Dilution orders will take at least 7 to 8 working days to be delivered. Please make sure before placing your order.


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