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Our Management

Our Management


Mr. Suresh Mohan Sharma, the eldest of the three brothers who laid the foundation of LORD’s Homeopathy, is currently Managing Director of LORD’S. Serving in the pharmaceutical and medicines industry since 1967, he brings with him an extensive range of expertise, and in-depth knowledge of the sector.

Dedicated to bringing innovation to this industry, he introduced the line of latest machinery, technology and improved manufacturing process to our already existing manufacturing facilities. Primarily looking after the manufacturing operations, he focused on keeping the organisation’s production process extremely efficient and highly organized. His priorities are set on smooth production, continuous innovation, strengthening of current facilities, and expanding the production capacity of the company to meet the ever growing global demand for diverse Homoeopathic products.


Mr. Rajinder Mohan Sharma, 2nd eldest out of three brothers, is currently serving as the Director at LORD’S. With an experience of more than 40 years in the pharmaceutical and homoeopathic industry, he is reckoned as a tough taskmaster of the organization. He played a pivotal role in the germination of the organization, owning to his aggressive and reformist approach at work.

Looking after the functional responsibilities of Finance, Accounts and General Administration, he has helped the company in its formative years by keeping a strong grip on the financial affairs and channelling the right resources for the most effective improvements and avenues of growth. Using his skills as a progressive yet disciplined business professional, he helped in formulating the basic operations and procedures of the company to ensure the highest level of efficiency and productivity in day-to-day processing.


Mr. Devinder Mohan Sharma, youngest of the three brothers, is serving as the Director. Although he might be the youngest in age and experience, his skills as a farsighted and proficient businessman cannot be undermined.

He heads the Marketing, Sales, and Distribution division at LORD’s. He has been playing the vital role in connecting the real market stakeholders and the company management. Having served in the industry for over 3 decades, he has developed a strong understanding of the homoeopathic marketing dynamics, the varying consumer preferences, and the changing scenarios of sales, promotion and distribution. His sharp-mindedness, foresightedness, opportunity identification, and willingness to take calculated risks has been instrumental in transforming Lord’s into one of the prominent players in the Homoeopathic industry in India.

Next Generation

Next Generation

Shashwat Sharma

Mr. Shashwat Sharma is a qualified business graduate with an MBA degree from Coventry University, UK. Under the direct supervision and guidance of his preceding generation, he has been working in the organization for more than a decade now. With his energetic fervour, global exposer and deep-rooted family values, Shashwat brings an inspired, fresh and more innovative belief system to the company. He is working hard to make LORD’S more efficient and progressive in all aspects of business operations.

Shashwat heads the various aspects of business operations like human resource management, day-to-day operations, manufacturing, business structuring and marketing. He is focused on creating coherent systems that result in aliened synergies with in the organisation and between several stakeholders. He aims to bring in technological improvements and advancements in the company operations as well as product formulations which will enable LORD’S to provide customer centric products that are unmatched in their outcomes.

Kartik Sharma

Mr. Kartik Sharma, a business graduate and a learned man, brings the array of entrepreneurial skills and astute business outlook to the organisation. He brings his marketing ideas, innovative and advanced promotional methods to LORD’s which alleviates the brands positioning in the market.

Under the guidance of the senior management, he aims to address every issue and is focused to improve even the minutest of the business aspects that needs attention in the organization. His international exposure makes him an ideal catalyst for aiding the company in entering new international territories and expanding its global operations in order to become the leading exporter of Homoeopathic drugs and cosmetics. In addition to looking after the organizational matters of international expansion and trade, Kartik also works at improving the brand image and consumer perception of the organization in the local as well as the international markets. Proficient in latest technologies and software, he is a fundamental player in enabling his seniors to understand the previously complicated jobs and transform them into simpler analytical forms through his data-driven approach.